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Thyristor power regulator heating process required to control electrical power conditioning equipment
SCR regulator is held in the course of electric heating facilities according to the process temperature is necessary to reconcile the restraint of electric power . After a heated medium temperature temperature sensor input to reconcile meter (PID temperature controller ) or a PLC or DCS, after the p
SCR is a dedicated regulator control circuit as the core power control electrical power
SCR regulator : It is a kind of SCR ( power electronic power devices ) based, dedicated circuit as the core restraint restraint Electric Power . Referred thyristor power regulator . Also known as the thyristor power regulator , thyristor regulator, thyristor regulator, thyristor power regulator , th
The first six inches 4500A rated current running smoothly through the thyristor
Lingbao expansion project in at 3:15 on November 25, 2009 to achieve a successful delivery by the Central Power 750MW, DC Current 4500A to the northwest, marks the world's first six-inch 4500A Thyristor made time to complete the assessment of the rated current to achieve the rated power delivery.
On what ways SCR manufacturers to make off thyristor conduction
SCR manufacturers : SCR thyristors in order to visually recognize occupational characteristics , the first to see this teaching board ( Figure 3 ) . Transistor EL VS in series with the light bulb , via a switch S connected to the DC power supply. Pay attention to the positive anode is connected to t
World's first 800 kV, 7,000,000 kilowatts grade 6 inches thyristor valves successfully passed all type tests
May 27, 2009 , was developed jointly by the domestic and for Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ± 800 kV HVDC converter station demonstration project Fengxian 800 kV HVDC project 7,000,000 kilowatts grade 6-inch thyristor valves smoothly through all the type tests , the parameters indicators have reached or exc